Roger Byrne 
Captain of the Busby Babes 
A Biography by Iain McCartney

Foreword by Harry Gregg MBE
RRP: 16.95 - HARDCOVER - 165 pages
40 Historic Photographs
ISBN: 1 901 746 143
PUBLICATION DATE: 2nd December 2000

Roger Byrne was the ultimate professional footballer of his era. As captain of the most successful team in English football, he led a celebrated side
with strength, skill and panache, to help Matt Busby create his legendary Babes, and turn them into a force all Europe had to reckon with.

During three seasons as captain of Manchester United, he led the club to two League Championships, an FA Cup Final and became the first to lead an English team into Europe. But, having dominated domestic football, Roger and many his colleagues perished amid the wreckage of the Munich air disaster.

Forty years later the memories remain vivid. Although perhaps not the most glamorous member of that fantastic team, Roger Byrne is held in high
affection by all who knew him and saw him play. Perhaps an extract from a 1956 'derby' match report best sums up Roger's commitment. It demonstrates a style of play not too dissimilar to United's latter-day captains Roy Keane and Bryan Robson.

"Here was the captain courageous - a strong man who listened to the crowd's boos and heard a call to action who listened to two stern lectures from the referee and charged back into the game as if they had been pep talks. This was the moment when Byrne stepped in, the longer they booed, the harder he played. He loved it!"

On this evidence, there's no doubt Roger Byrne is a legend, one of United's all-time greats.

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